Bacon Wrapped, Sausage Stuffed, Jalapenos

Yep, you heard right, and the title says it all.  These little monsters can either be 80/20 paleo or the whole 9 yards, depending on one ingredient, but we’ll get to that in a minute.  These are great little snackers that will serve you well at your next party, BBQ, or whatever.  I wouldn’t exactly say they’re good for you, but just about all the ingredients fall into the paleo realm. Continue reading


Tex-Mex Breakfast Bake

Here at 80/20 Paleo, I am all for making recipes that make enough servings so I can have some leftover meals later on in the week, saving time and energy.  This breakfast bake is no exception, as it yields enough servings to serve two people for about 3 days.  Continue reading

Grilled Plantains

I apologize for the delay since my last post on Friday.  I had planned out a few more posts between then and now, however everything has been put on hold.  It seems that late Friday/early Saturday my wife went into labor and very early Sunday morning I became a daddy.  It’s not that I didn’t realize that my wife was 9 months pregnant, but Sunday was her actual due date, who would have thought the baby would have actually been born on that day.  Continue reading


Wow two posts in one day, lucky you. One thing that has been on my mind for some reason, and worth posting about here, is the consumption of smoothes or shakes. This can be either as a meal replacement or as a post workout recovery drink. Either way, I’m against it, and I consider the consumption of a smoothie as part of the 20%, regardless of how paleo its ingredients are. I am especially against anything made with protein power, as these powders are not paleo and will result in a spike of blood sugar level, especially post work out (more on that below). Continue reading

Paleo in the News Courtesy of NPR

Recently, NPR posted a story on the paleo diet and its incorporation into modern medicine.  This is good because more awareness for the diet/lifestyle is being generated and it is being recognized as more than a secretive cult of crossfitters who only eat raw meat (thanks NPR for that photo by the way).  The article did highlight some positive aspects of the diet, backed up with legitimate endorsements and statements from physicians that are members of the Paleo Physicians Network. Continue reading

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