Paleo in the News Courtesy of NPR

Recently, NPR posted a story on the paleo diet and its incorporation into modern medicine.  This is good because more awareness for the diet/lifestyle is being generated and it is being recognized as more than a secretive cult of crossfitters who only eat raw meat (thanks NPR for that photo by the way).  The article did highlight some positive aspects of the diet, backed up with legitimate endorsements and statements from physicians that are members of the Paleo Physicians Network.

The issue is that this diet and lifestyle (referred to as Darwinian/Evolutionary Medicine) is still being portrayed as witchcraft-ery (don’t think that’s a real word, but go with it). Few clinical trials have been conducted, and out of those that have, there are only a small number of people who experienced benefits.  This is the hard data that mainstream America needs before it will become more accepting of something new, regardless of the benefits that it has.

Just read any one of the numerous posts on Robb Wolf’s website (or any other paleo site for that) and see just how well people’s bodies react to the paleo aspect of things.

For now those that live paleo will reap the benefits of the diet through better body composition, better general overall health, and better performance during their workouts, among other benefits, but will still be looked at as outsiders by most of America who is sad because their S.A.D. just isn’t cutting it for them.  Or maybe they are following some verison of the diet a so-called diet guru says they should.  No matter, they’re probably sad because of their inflammation, irritable and leaky guts, their poor performance in the gym, and inability to lose that excess belly fat, no matter how much oatmeal they eat pre-workout and how many (insulin spiking) protein shakes they have post workout. 

By the way I fell off the wagon last night and had pizza and beer for dinner.  I went from an 80/20 day to like a 5/95 day in a matter of a few hours.  I slept like sh*t, had an OK run this morning, and am feeling a little sluggish today.  No worries though, my body is very quickly getting rid of the toxins, which is actually a benefit of eating clean most of the time, and I’ll be back up to normal operating rates by this afternoon’s WOD.


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