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Tex-Mex Breakfast Bake

Here at 80/20 Paleo, I am all for making recipes that make enough servings so I can have some leftover meals later on in the week, saving time and energy.  This breakfast bake is no exception, as it yields enough servings to serve two people for about 3 days.  Continue reading


Paleo To Go

I’m a big fan of not cooking every night, going out to dinner, and getting food to go.  The trick is to find food that is as paleo friendly as possible.  Take last night for example, my wife and I were going to catch a concert in the park type of thing at a local park/garden.  Since we both work and this thing started at 6:00, our options were limited for dinner.  Continue reading

The 20%

Leftovers tonight for dinner, so no new recipe with pictures to post now. I will share one of my favorite/go-to lunch recipes a little later on. For now I guess I should spend some time on the 20%. I spend the majority of my eating life shoving quality paleo food into my face, but I do stray. Typically on a daily basis. I’m not saying that I drink beer and soda, and eat hot wings and candy on the daily, but I have a few non-paleo items on my menu. Continue reading

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