Paleo To Go

I’m a big fan of not cooking every night, going out to dinner, and getting food to go.  The trick is to find food that is as paleo friendly as possible.  Take last night for example, my wife and I were going to catch a concert in the park type of thing at a local park/garden.  Since we both work and this thing started at 6:00, our options were limited for dinner. 

We decided to have a picnic at the concert, so we got some to go food from Whole Foods, which just opened up here.  If you’re not familiar, they offer a wide range of prepared foods, a decent salad bar, and what they call a “hot bar” with meat and stuff.  Well, this whole post isn’t going to be about how great Whole Foods is, but how the salad bar+hot bar can equal the right 80/20 mix, and to-go food doesn’t necessarily have to ruin your diet.

Anyhow, the pretty combo you see pictured below was my fabulous creation.  You can also see the 20% I had with it.

I started with the salad from the salad bar (lettuce mixture, onions, celery, carrots).  Then hit the hot bar for shredded chicken, shredded pork, chimichurri beef, and roasted garlic.  It was delicious and gave me dragon breath.  Yay for my wife!

So what’s the moral of the story?  To-go food doesn’t have to be boring or kill your diet for it to be good and good for you.  Just be smart, make wise decisions, and be willing to improvise a bit.

There’s the 20%!

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