Here we go…

Well here it is.  I’ve wanted to start a blog on paleo and crossfit for sometime.  Not sure what the tipping point was here, probably that I have had a few extra minutes on my hands because of this stupid tropical storm.  Anyhow, this isn’t going to be your typical paleo blog.  This is more or less going to be my journey through crossfit and living what I call an 80/20 paleo lifestyle.  100% strict paleo is good and good for you, but if that is what you are looking for, you would be better off looking here at the Whole 9/Whole 30 Program. If you have no idea what paleo is and are here wondering what is going on, you should check out Robb Wolf and company for the basics and all the scientific stuff.

Now that we have that out of the way, this site will focus around the whole 80/20 thing.  That is I eat paleo the majority of the time (like 80%), but still enjoy some of the more fun side of food and drink, especially the drink part, 20% of the time  (Yes, I know that alcohol can inhibit weight loss, and that it is made from grains and sugars and such, but that won’t stop me).  I hope to share and inspire others through my trials and tribulations dabbling in paleo, and show that you don’t have to adhere to a 100% strict paleo diet to live a healthy life, have good body composition, and be in good shape.  If nothing else you’ll get some recipe and/or WOD ideas to incorporate into your paleo and/or crossfit journey.

So what’s on tap for today?  100 burpees for time (FML) this afternoon and some shredded Carolina BBQ pork straight from the crock pot for dinner.  Recipe and pictures to follow later.

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